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Integrated Medical Care, LLC

Integrated Medical Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a family owned and operated physical therapy clinic focused on providing the latest care in a personalized environment. Led by a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, we perform comprehensive EMG/NCV studies, trigger point and intra-articular joint injections, and acupuncture.

What Can Physical Therapy Do For You?

Physical therapy is not everyone's first choice for the treatment of any kind of pain. People suffering from injuries and chronic pain prefer to have surgery than physical therapy. It is because surgery is the fast and most efficient way of treating the problem. Most primary doctors refer their patients to an excellent physical therapist and surgeon, which is the least invasive approach.

Physical Therapy is one of the best non-surgical treatments for all spine-related pain caused by several disorders like spondylitis, whiplash, etc. Physical Therapy Philadelphia PA is, most of the time, a part of the patient's multidisciplinary treatment procedure that includes medications as well as spinal injections. In addition to that, the active and passive kind of physical therapy is also a part of post-operative care. At some point, you might ask what effective physical therapy can do for you and whether the effort and time you invest is worth?

Physical Therapy is one of the conservative treatment processes addressing various treatment, therapeutic and preventing injuries, and disabilities. Physical Therapy focuses mainly on relief of pain, promotion of healing, and restoration of function and movement.

Now let's focus on what Physical therapy can do for you?

Most patients think that they know how to do the exercise correctly, manage their pain, and rehabilitate them. But with a physical therapist is skilled and educated in the perfect rehabilitation process. They are adequately trained to handle several dysfunctions in the differentiation of one kind of injury from the other and function closely with a referring physicist in developing a rehabilitation program designed specifically for every individual.

Every person is different with different kind of bodies, movement patterns, habits as well as alignments. A therapist closely monitors every individual and attempts to rectify imperfect movements and alignments.

How long does it take for physical therapy to work?

It is one of the popular questions every person has in their mind. Each person is different with different healing rates. Like an injury takes time to progress to a point where it causes pain and contributes to injury, in the same way, it takes time for rehabilitation. All physical therapist in Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center Philadelphia, wants their patient to understand that along with their training and teaching, a home rehabilitation program is also important. It is one of the major factors that help in the quick recovery of the patient.

Who can benefit from Physical Therapy?

Many people can benefit from a perfect program of physical therapy, mainly people who face accidents, injuries, people who have arthritis, pre and post-operative care for patients and people with some of the strains, and deconditioning. Physical therapy includes relief of pain, strengthening, training for flexibility, posture alignment, regaining motion, enhancing and rectifying posture, endurance training, relaxing and stress relieving process, training for balancing and coordination, perfect walking, etc. You must remember that every individual is different, and therefore, a rehabilitation program is different. You need to keep patient with yourself, your physician, and other staff. Healing will take time, along with some diligence and compliance. 

Physical therapy works best when one undertakes the most effective treatment program. There are several disciplines like exercise therapy, outpatient care, manual care, along with manual therapy. It is a physical therapist's work to listen to all of your specified requirements and suggest proper treatment. It provides several benefits to people of various walks of life, starting from athletes to people suffering from several health issues. Integrates Medical Care is one of the best places for getting efficient physical therapies.


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